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MetaScience Gaming Teaser

A personal project and experiment with Adobe's new live animation software Adobe Character Animator. Intended to be a "virtual internet personality" the character of Beta 1.1.5 was animated for this video use a combination of facial motion capture and 2D puppet animation. 

Completed March 2020

The Portal - Cyberhero League Trailer 

A trailer for a soon to be released education game, "Cyberhero League."

I was tasked with creating a trailer to be played at the Interplanetary Festival. Given a series of still images and game assets,  I used Adobe Photoshop to break the images into parts then animated them using a mixture of Adobe Character Animator and After Effects.


Completed June 2019

Jibo Robot Animation Tests 



Two animation tests for Jibo, a Robotic Virtual Assistant, created using primarily Jibo's proprietary software. These animation would be relocated by Physical Servos and Screen of the actual Jibo device.


The first animation is a "lip sync" test using provided audio and the second is a test in creating a original "screen animation." 

Completed July 2017

Rivals - Senior Thesis Film 

My senior thesis film from Savannah College of Art and Design. Inspired by the "conflict" between 2D and 3D animation around time, two character who who each embody their respective mediums fight for control of the world around them. The short was created using Autodesk Maya for the 3D elements and Adobe Flash for the 2D elements

Robot Wars / Everybody Runs / Do Not Push


Three pieces of 3D character animation while At Savannah College of Art and design. the tasks where to create a lip sync animation, an obstacle corse animation, and an animation with a character interacting with an object. 

All animation were created in Maya.

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